Wisdom or the World?

The world is seeking for truth but settling for a counterfeit. They want pearls of wisdom but are accepting plastic beads of experience.The world builds philosophies based on human experience, adds poetic verse, and calls it truth. Truth is foundational; not created by man. Truth is eternal, immovable, unshakeable. Human experience is varying and changing with every turn in circumstance. Simply said, we cannot form a truth out of an experience. Rather, we need to judge our experience against what is true.

Crying Soul

To those who suffer and cry out to God for help... He hears you.
This is a visual representation and spoken word of the scripture Lamentations 3:55-58. The journey and expression of being lost and tormented in the belly of the beast, to being delivered with power and light into resurrection with our victorious Savior, Jesus. There is so much torment in the world right now; so much darkness. He is the light. We are the lights. And He has set us ablaze to light the world on Holy fire.


Jesus came to show the deep love of God for His children; the desire that God has to see all of us healed, delivered, and adopted into His reality, His family, and inherit His Kingdom. Jesus was the only one that was able to come and reveal the Father’s love for us perfectly. God sent His only Son to us on the day that we call Christmas, so that we would know that we have a God that is absolutely in love with us to the extent that He would bankrupt Heaven to get us back. THAT my dear friends, is what Christmas is about.

The Least Of These

As we are giving thanks and enjoying our comforts of home, food and family, how many of our thoughts are on those who truly have nothing in life? People who wake up everyday with nothing and end it with nothing. On Thanksgiving we may check the box of donating cans of food, or praying for the poor. But how many of us make them the most important person on that day? How many of us SHOW that to them, not just talk about it from our comfortable homes?

Mercy Over Judgment

The cross has the final word. NOT US. We are called to love. We are to be the first responders to a brother or sister exposed in their sin, to help them through the trauma and properly love them; not kick them, spit on them, condemn them and deal judgment. That is exactly what is wrong in the world today. We are quick to judge and slow to love.

Don't be good. Be perfect.

We can't feel bad about ourselves if we aren’t trying to feel good about ourselves. Right? I am not saying that feeling good about yourself is a bad thing. I'm saying that striving only to be a good person as your end goal, and basing your happiness on feeling good about yourself is a dangerous place to live. That foundation of happiness can be stolen from you as soon as someone challenges that you are indeed a “good person”. Your identity in God is founded in truth and releases you into true joy. Being a good person is only effective as long as you feel good about yourself. It is self-based or in other words, selfish thinking.

Create With The Creator

Creation doesn't come from casualness; creation comes from commitment. How do we do that? By focusing our minds on all that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. Today, let's not settle for cheap imitations. Let's not settle for fake filters. Let's learn to do things with reality, with integrity, with substance. We need to understand that these directives come from God because He loves us.